Weaver's Restaurant & Bakery - Hancock MarylandWeaver's Restaurant & Bakery - Hancock MarylandWeaver's Restaurant & Bakery - Hancock Maryland

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Family Dining

Weaver's has been in continuous operation for 57 years, mostly in the Weaver and Pittman families.

Ever since "Gertie" Weaver opened her restaurant at 77 Main Street, Hancock, Maryland in 1948, local residents, and travelers from everywhere find time to stop here to enjoy homemade soups, breads, charbroiled steaks, and a bakery beyond description! When a restaurant has two bakers working 8-hour shifts "full time" you know something must really be good. Over 20 sandwiches are listed on the menu, about 20 entrees, five salads (including an all you can eat salad bar), several soups, 15 different vegetables, an unbelievable selection of deserts, beverages, daily specials, and a "just for kids" menu. Sundays are so special at Weaver's they have a special Sunday menu! Try Weaver's for yourself. You'll be thinking of the good ol' days when veggies came right out of the garden, and you could smell your grandma's pie in the oven....the way grandma did.

Week days  Lunch Combos Special - $ 6.99

Maryland Rail Trail

Western Maryland Rail Trail, Hancock, Maryland, 20+ paved miles for walking, biking, hiking, roller blading...more

Our Weeekly Specials


Half Pan Fried Chicken, Whipped Potatoes and Choice of Vegetable...more

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